Does Your Business Card Pass The Trash Test? | Business Cards

More often than not your business card plays an important role in your client’s first impression of your company. The overall design and message of your cards will determine how you're perceived. Read through the article below and determine if your business card passes the trash test.


Is your business card any bigger than the standard 3.5" x 2"? Anything larger will not fit in a wallet or business card holders, which increases the chance of your card being trashed.

Paper Quality:

The tactile aspect of a business card is very important, if your card feels cheap or flimsy it's going to get trashed. Your business card is a direct reflection on you and your business. Invest in a high quality paper that doesn't feel like you paid a dollar for 1,000 of. Business cards printed on your home printer on pre-perforated business card blanks do not convey a professional image. You are better off telling prospective customers that you gave out all the cards you brought with you than to resort to something of this caliber.

Ink and Coating:

This might seem a little odd but it's very important. Take your pen, and try to write on your card. If the ink runs or you can't write on them at all toss them. Trying to write something on a card and having the ink run is extremely irritating and the information that you wrote down will probably be smeared and illegible.

Color Test:

Color adds a professional touch to your cards when used appropriately. A card with too much color can be distracting and one with no color can look cheap. The rules for the color test are if it's black and white or has more than three colors (and it is not a photograph) people are more likely to trash them.

Design with a purpose:

The sole purpose of your business card is to clearly communicate what you do and how to contact you. Your information should be the focal point of your card and everything that you add to your card should be used to highlight that information.

Image Match:

If the images on your card don't reflect your company anymore it's time to update. If your working in corporate America that’s the image your card needs to project. A graphic designer is going to have a very different card than the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

Font Size:

Don't try to cram all the information you can onto your business card. If you need to say more use the back or if you really have a lot to say try fold over business cards. Utilize white space on your card to focus the attention on your message.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression. Make sure you invest in the best business card design you can afford. The business card is your introduction to a client, for the low cost per card that is money well spent.