3 Types of Calendar Printing For Business Marketing | Calendar Printing

Calendars can be a great marketing tool for your business because they are constantly being used by your customers, automatically putting your marketing message right in front of them for an entire year. Use them as promotional items to give away to your customers at trade shows, or just as a “thank you”. Here are a couple of different calendar options that make great giveaways for your customers.

Poster Calendars

Rather than sending out your typical calendar try something a little different, print a full year calendar onto an oversized poster. These are great because it allows you to see all of the dates for the entire year without ever having to flip a page. Poster calendars are also great because they give you a ton of space for your marketing materials, logos, and contact information.

Desk Calendars

Giving your customer a desk calendar is a great idea because of how functional it is. They're great for taking notes, making appointments, and jotting down other information quickly while they're on the phone or computer. And every time they make a note your company’s logo and information is right in front of them. The actual printing is nothing overly complicated since the only graphics are your company logo, contact information, and some marketing materials.

Business Card Calendars

Adding a business card calendar is a great way to get a customer to keep your business card for awhile. When you’re printing this kind of card be sure that you don't try to squeeze to much on the back. 3 months is the absolute maximum, which means you'll have to print out a few different versions of your card and update every few months. This might be a little inconvenience, but it's adding that little extra that makes all the difference in the world. Card back calendars are especially useful if you deal with products that have a schedule, like sporting events, concerts, training seminars and the like.

These are just a couple of ways to promote your business using calendars, and remember that it's not just the person who uses the calendar that will be seeing your message. For such a small investment you have the ability to reach a huge number of people.