5 Mistakes To Avoid When Printing Your Calendar | Calendar Printing

Printing calendars for promotional purposes can be intimidating because of the costs associated with them, the amount of things that can go wrong, and because it will be hanging in your clients’ office for an entire year. Below are a few common mistakes that, if you can avoid them, will save you money and a few headaches.

Send them out on time

Calendars have an expiration date and if you send your calendars out a month into the new years chances are that one of your competitors will have already beaten you to the punch. That's why it's so important to plan your calendar printing long before it needs to be printed. Build in a comfortable buffer so that in the event there are any delays your calendar will still arrive on time.

Use the right images

When designing a calendar make sure that the images you choose are either inspiring or will elicit some desired response. Your customers aren't going to use or keep a calendar that doesn't have something worth looking at. Hire a professional designer and photographer so that your calendar will reflect the creativity and professionalism of your company.

Bad Layouts

Calendars need to be visually appealing but they also need to be functional. A bad design that looks cool is still a bad design. You can have the best images in the world and the coolest effects but if the calendar isn't functional it's useless. Take some time to make sure there is enough space to write on it, schedule appointments, reminders, etc.

Quality Materials:

Be selective with the materials that you use. The worst mistake you can make is printing a calendar that isn't durable enough to last the entire year. Calendars endure some serious abuse so make sure that you use a quality paper that can stand the daily grind.

Marketing Information:

Remember why you decided to print a calendar in the first place. This is marketing material and as such it needs to have the necessary marketing information. Don't get wrapped up in the design and forget why you’re doing what your doing. Incorporate your logo, contact information, addresses, and the details for your company’s products and services. If you don't, all you have is a pretty calendar.

If you can avoid these common mistakes your calendars will be a much more effective marketing tool.