Trade Show Displays | Portable Displays Vs Traditional Trade Show Displays

Customized trade show displays are ideal for creating an immediate impact on potential customers. In the not so distant past portable displays weren't as widely used as trade show displays. However with advances in printing technology portable displays are being widely used. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of each type of booth display so you can make the best choice for your business.


Although a mobile unit is easier to move and set up you’re going to be restricted with what you can attach to it. A conventional display has more utility space than a mobile one and it's easier to attach additional storage, display shelving, monitors etc. to a conventional display. They're stronger structurally allowing you to support things like electronics and equipment. If these are necessary elements for your display keep this in mind when deciding what type of display you’re going to use.


How important is portability? If your company does a lot of trade shows every year than portability is going to be much more important than for a company that only does a handful. Portable displays are designed to be broken down quickly and easily transported. Most portable displays are designed to be put up and torn down with one or two people. Traditional displays have become easier to setup, but they still have a tendency to be awkward and bulky making them hard to move.

Ultimately it’s about how mobile you want your exhibit to be. If you need something that is easy to setup, tear down, and travel with then a portable display is perfect for you. If you need something that has lots of storage and a larger display area and you’re not as concerned about portability then a traditional display will probably be fine.

Design Impact

Once you decide whether portability or flexibility is more important then you can start designing your trade show display. If you're in a cutting edge field then your display should mirror that, and if your company is more corporate your display should reinforce that.

Ultimately your goal is to create a great display that makes an immediate impact on your potential customers. Talk with your designer and the company that is building your display so that they have a clear understanding of what your vision is. The more you explain what you want the greater the likelihood you'll get what you want.