Trade Show Display Design

The best trade show booths use powerful graphics that stand out in a sea of drab and boring displays. You have to draw visitors to your booth in the midst of a crowded exhibit hall that is packed with competitors and distractions. Having a well trained staff, give aways and in-show promotions will help attract prospects but it’s the booth itself that will make or break the success of your show. You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of someone walking by so each banner display and poster should make someone want to stop and learn more about your company.


The colors that you choose for your display will determine whether you’re going to stand out or just become another booth at the show. Different colors elicit different responses. Cool colors like blue green and white convey a comfortable and professional feel but can feel cold. Warmer colors like red orange and yellow attract more attention but can be an eyesore when used incorrectly.

Lighting and movement

Creative lighting is a great way to attract attention to specific elements of your display, and few if any exhibitors use any kind of motion to draw the attention of people walking by. Try adding monitors or projectors with a product demonstration, or try using colorful streamers and other moving objects that will draw people to your booth.


Play music that is appropriate for your product. If you’re selling motorcycles the music is going differ greatly than if you’re selling financial services. Keep the volume at a level where you can have a conversation with your customers and is respectful of the exhibitors around you.


Just like the smell of cinnamon buns in the mall, the smell of popcorn or cookies emanating from your booth will attract visitors. Use these as give aways but make sure it doesn't become a distraction. Your staff was hired to generate sales leads not hand out popcorn.

If you can combine all of these or just a few you'll drive more traffic to your booth.  The more unique your booth is and the longer people are willing to wait until a representative can speak with them the more sales your going to generate.