Envelopes | Elements of Envelope Design

Envelopes are an integral part of any mailing campaign because they are the first thing that people see. Creating a custom envelope is one way to stand out in a sea of junk mail. To make an immediate impact it's important you understand the elements that make a solid envelope design. Below are the different elements and the roles that they play.


Envelopes come in a number of different sizes but the size you'll need depends on what is going into the envelope, how much, how big, etc. Once you have determined that then you can figure out what size envelopes you need.


The most commonly used envelope for business are the A-style but other commonly used envelope shapes and styles are: booklet, catalog, square, etc. Booklet envelopes are typically used for mailing booklets and folders and catalog envelopes are used to send magazines and catalogs.

Paper Color

Color is important because it shapes the overall image that is conveyed to your customers. Brightly colored envelopes are perfect for grabbing the attention and creating some curiosity. This is a great way to hook your customers and get them to learn more about your business or promotion.


The quality of the printing is a direct reflection on your business. That's why it’s so important to only use the highest quality printed products available. There are numerous companies that will print custom envelopes, many of which can offer you a deal on mailing and fulfillment. If you are printing envelopes, consider what your most important message is or how best to catch your prospect’s attention. Think about adding that information to the outside of your envelope. Also consider adding a 2D barcode to let your clients use their smart phone to link to your website or a custom landing page or pURL right from your envelope.