Envelope | The Importance Of The Envelope

When scoping your marketing campaign there are some very avoidable mistakes. One of which is not thinking about envelope design until the very last minute. A little forward thinking will save you a lot of time, frustration, and money.

Leaving the envelope design to the last possible minute can very quickly lead to your going over budget. If you wait and realize that you’re going to need a custom envelope printed that's going to cost you time and money.

Your envelope might seem insignificant but in reality you can't send out your advertising package without one. Your painstakingly designed and printed work has zero value until you have an envelope to send it in. So when you plan your advertising think about envelopes while asking yourself a few key questions.

Are my marketing materials going to fit in a standard sized envelope?

If the printing company you’re using has the envelope and size that you need in stock, use it. If they don't, print them in quantities that you need. Remember that it might be cheaper to overprint your order than have them print a custom amount or design. And if a stock envelope isn't available, or it's not cost effective to overprint your design you need to budget for the cost of printing custom envelopes

Plan ahead and find a reliable envelope printer. Don't be afraid to ask questions because they are the ones that can give you advise on how to stay within your budget, necessary artwork specs, and how much time it's going to take for your orders. Lead times can be deceivingly long and you don't want to be stuck scrambling for envelopes when your marketing campaign is time sensitive.