Presentation Folders | Make An Impact With Your Presentation Folder.

First impressions are important and making a positive impact on your clients is vital to developing long lasting and beneficial relationships. The first impression might get you a sale but it's the relationship that will make both companies better. Whenever you’re meeting with a new client always have a presentation folder ready with all of your marketing collateral included.

Presentation folders are simple yet professional tool that every business needs. When designing one make sure that it includes all of your contact information and company logo. Use them to hold and organize your company’s marketing collateral such as business cards, brochures, and flyers.

The addition of a presentation folder will help highlight that your company is well-organized, professional, and qualified. Not only does this make it easier for your client to see everything that you do but it also is a direct reflection on your organization. Here are a few ideas to put a new twist on your presentation folders and get your clients’ attention:

Add Business Cards

If you have an important meeting coming up an easy way to get your cards into the hands of people that matter is to add a pre-cut slot to your presentation folder and put your business card inside. When they open your presentation folder again the first thing that they will see is all of your contact information.

Size Matters

One of the major goals for your presentation folder is to get your clients’ attention. Rather than using the standard size try doing something bigger than everyone else.

Doing something that is “outside of the box” helps to showcase your creativity and, in a world where everything seems so cookie cutter, adding a visually appealing element can be the difference that turns a lead into a client.