Letterhead Printing | Ideas For Your Letterhead

Letterhead for most companies consists of the basics; logo, company name, contact information, all printed on a nice paper stock. But to get your customers’ attention you have to break the mold and think outside the box. Here are a couple of tips to help you design creative letterheads.


It's all about the brand. Think about how many times everyday you’re exposed to different advertisement. Successful companies brand themselves whenever they have the opportunity to, and once their logo or tag line becomes recognizable they tend to stick with it. Take Coke for example. The color and type haven't changed since the inception of the company and the logo is on everything that they produce. This is a prime example of a successful branding campaign and it's something that every company can learn from.


Look online for an inspiration. There is are a multitude of information and designs available for you to get some ideas for your letterhead. Look to some of your favorite websites for design and layout inspiration, but be careful not to stray very far from your business model. If you work for a fun and creative company your letterhead should reflect that but if your company is more professional then your letterhead needs to be as well.

Print Shops/Sample Kits

If you haven't ordered custom letterhead before or haven't done it in a very long time visit one of your local print shops or request a sample kit online. You need to see what can be done and feel the different stocks. If you have never designed or created your own letterhead before, a local print shop will have a ton of great ideas for paper stocks, layouts, inks, and maybe some design tips. The quality and options have greatly expanded over the last few years so ask about what's new.

Inspiration is everywhere. All you have to do is go out an look around for new ideas. Just make sure that you keep your company’s core objectives in mind when creating your design.