Letterhead | Three Elements To Create Great Letterhead

Creating a great letterhead is an easy and cost effective branding tool for small businesses. Having a standard letterhead puts your company’s logo and contact information on everything that you send out. It's perfect to use on contracts, handouts, mailers, invoices, and any other paperwork that your company sends out establishing your brand identity. To maximize the effectiveness of your letterhead here are three elements to keep in mind:

Your logo

The logo is an extremely important because it's how your customers identify you. Your logo should be a well thought out representation of your business and it should convey the quality of service that is associated with your company.

Consistent marketing message

Collect any past marketing material that you've sent out like brochures, business cards, postcards, etc. and use them as references for your letterhead. A consistent marketing message will have a greater effect on your clients and will increase your visibility.

Contact information

Every piece of paper that leaves your company should have your contact information somewhere on it. Always be sure to include your name, address, phone numbers, email, and website. For larger businesses it can be costly to personalize everything so a cost effective alternative is to create a generic letterhead with just your company information.

By combining these different elements you will be able to create a professional letterhead design for your company. Whether you’re creating the design yourself or having a professional put it together be sure to focus on these elements to create an eye catching and functional design.