Postcards | Four Tips To Create Great Postcards

The formula for designing effective postcards has been tested and retested multiple times and everything is centered on how to get your customers’ attention.  When your customers reaches into their mailbox and sorts through the mail you only have a few seconds to get your clients’ attention. This article will give you four great tips for creating awesome postcards.

3 Second Rule

The 3 second rule is very simple, if you or your customers don't understand what your postcard is for, then it's going to be thrown away. Potential customers should be able to understand what you’re offering, for how long, and how to get it, all in that amount of time

The offer

This is how you get people interested. It can be a special offer, discounts, a free gift etc. but the offer is what gets people’s attention and drives them to action. When you’re designing your postcards focus on promoting the offer and not your business.

Tell them why

Once you have their attention tell them why you’re the best at what you do. Take a second to tell them about your low prices, great service, fast turnaround times, etc. but make sure that this text doesn't compete with your offer or graphics. This information should support the offer and not be a focal point.

Call To Action

How do you want your clients to respond? Do they have to go to your store or website to redeem your offer? Are they supposed to call in for more information? Your call to action needs to direct and clearly define what you want them to do.