Postcard Printing | Planning Your Postcard

Before you sit down and design a postcard you need to answer a couple of questions. What is the purpose of the card? What is it being designed for? Is it personal or business? Who is going to receive it? What information are you going to put on it? If you have defined goals it makes them easier to accomplish.

Start with a design that will immediately get your reader's attention. An effective postcard should instantly make your customer want to read more about your products and services. Use vibrant colors and graphics that immediately demand attention, and compliment it with some great ad copy and tag lines. Keep everything short and to the point because you only have a few seconds to hook your customers and pitch your offer before your postcard is discarded.

Utilize all of the space that you have and the area on the back of your postcard to add additional information about the products and services that you are promoting. This section should go into more detail about your offer, the products, and your company. Your call to action should be on both sides and clearly direct your customers where to go and what to do. If the coupon that you’re offering can only be applied online, be sure to include your website and instructions on how to apply the coupon.

Include all of your contact information such as your address, phone number, URL, etc. If your goal is to drive your prospect to your online resources, make the postcard an attention grabber but limit the amount of detail on the postcard to just what is required. There is no reason to inundate your readers with an excessive amount of information; give them just enough to get their attention and make them want to learn more.

Never be afraid to be creative as long as it's still functional. Use fonts and graphics that highlight your marketing message and aren't a distraction. Different coating options can add a more polished look and feel to any postcard that you’re sending out. Try a spot UV coating to add a high gloss finish to certain elements of your design or add depth and contrast to your piece with a matte finish. Coatings also add a layer of protection to your postcards reducing scratching and scuffing while they are in the mail.

The next time you’re designing a postcard for your business don't be afraid to get creative, and always use a printing company that has a reputation for speed and quality.