Bumper Stickers | 5 Tips for Bumper Sticker Design and Printing

Bumper stickers are an inexpensive way to put your advertising in front of a large number of people. Once you or your customers put your sticker onto their car it instantly becomes a rolling advertisement. Below are 5 great tips to effectively design your next bumper sticker.


A bumper sticker doesn't give you much real estate for your message so use your space wisely. Keep the text to a minimum and be sure that you can read it from at least a five feet away. The last thing you want is a cool bumper sticker that no one can read.


Your customers aren't going to be able to read a bumper sticker that has a yellow background and white writing. When you’re designing your bumper sticker use colors that contrast with each other. A light background with dark text is an easy way to make your sticker easier to read.


Most of bumper stickers are rectangular but you can have yours die cut into any custom shape you want. If you’re thinking about making your stickers into a custom shape use your logo as a reference to make your decision.

Test it

Before you spend all the money printing a few thousand stickers get a proof, and put it on your car. Have someone stand behind you to see if they can read it, if they can’t, you need to make an adjustment.


Cars are constantly exposed to the elements so be sure to use a a vinyl stock that can handle the wear and tear, and won’t fade or peel off.