Printing | Sticker Printing 101

Whether you’re an experienced designer looking to brush up on the basics or you've never created a sticker before in your life this is a great article that answers some of the most basic questions you might have about sticker printing

What font should I use?

Before you decide what fonts and colors you’re going to use figure out what the theme of the sticker is going to be. Is it supposed to look expensive and professional, classy or trashy? This will help determine what fonts and colors you should use. Once you know what direction you’re going to take determine where the sticker is going to go. For instance, if it's a bumper sticker your fonts need to be easy to read at a distance.

What makes a good sticker?

Great stickers are simple designs that use high quality images. The higher the resolution the clearer the image. Never use a fuzzy or pixelated image. Stickers that are simply visible are the most effective. If no one can figure out what your sticker is about then it's not going to be very effective

How big can I make my sticker?

You can make a sticker any size you want but consider where people are going to put them and how are they being distributed? A bumper sticker is a good size to work from because it's not too big and it’s easy to hand out. If you’re printing stickers to use as give away items it's not very practical to hand out massive stickers.

What shapes should I use?

You can print a sticker in any shape you want but most stickers are rectangles because they are easy to cut and give you lots of space to work with. Creativity and customization will cost you a little bit more but it can add a cool element to your stickers.