Brochures | Brochure Design With A Purpose

When designing a brochure it's important to ask your customers questions before you start designing. For your next project sit down with your clients and get a clear idea of what they are looking for

Determine what the purpose of the brochure is going to be. Is it a sales tool? Is it informative? Is it for in house training, etc.? You have to know what it's going to be used for so that you can design something that will accomplish those goals. Once this has been determined find out who the target audience is and what the message is going to be. Typically there are three types of brochures and they fall into the following three categories:

Marketing and Advertising

When designing a brochure for advertising or marketing purposes there are a couple of areas to focus on. One is a great tag line that sparks the interest of your target audience and makes them want to learn more. Remember who you’re marketing to, if you’re marketing to men for auto repair services and you send them a pink brochure with glitter all over it chances are you are not going to get a very good response. Tailor your brochure to your target audience for maximum effectiveness.


Educational brochures should be designed around the information that they contain. Make the information the focal point if the purpose of the brochure is to educate and inform. Structure it in such a way that it's pleasing to the eye but it also accomplishes your original goals. Typically these are very text heavy designs so it is up to the designer to find a happy medium between text and images while still making the brochure aesthetically pleasing.


Entertainment brochures aren't as widely used but they can be a fun and effective way to market to your customers. If your goal is to make the business seem like a fun place, include fun things in the brochure, incorporate a puzzles or connect the dots game. Marketing materials should be a direct reflection of the professionalism and creativity of any company, and it's a great way for your customers to remember you.