Design Help | Three Things To Consider Before You Start Designing Anything

When you’re creating an advertisement or sales sheet it is important to remember that form will always follows function. You can have beautiful graphics with lots of color, but if there is no direction behind the design it’s just a pretty picture. Before you consult a designer make sure that you have clearly defined your goals and objectives. If your designer has no direction it's going to take a lot of extra time. What most people fail to realize is that the majority of your designer’s time isn't spent on finding the right graphics and playing with colors. Their job is to create something that directly reflects the personality and qualities of your business while accomplishing the goals that were set forth in the beginning. Without a clearly defined objectives you and your designer can't tailor your marketing message.

Theme and Structure

Once everything has been planned out it's time to get creative while maintaining a consistent feel throughout the design. Limit your colors to a maximum of two background colors and a highlight color to easily distinguish the importance of information. You can deviate away from these guidelines but it really depends on who your target audience and what your message is.


As a general rule try to avoid using more than one or two different fonts per design. If you choose to use more make sure that it falls in line with what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re sending out flyers for a party or concert you have more freedom than if you’re printing something for the corporate environment. By utilizing different font sizes, italics, and boldness you can convey your message while still emphasizing the important elements.