Printing Glossary


Any material (text or artwork) to be used in printing a piece.

Cover Paper

A category of thick paper commonly used for covers of books, brochures, menus, and catalogs covers.


To cut off sides or portions of an image.

Crop Marks

A thin pair of lines on each corner of each printed image intended be its own page or printed piece once cut. These are intended to show where the final cut(s) will take place. Also called "Tic Marks" For more information on the cutting process, Click Here.


Printing image(s) that continue across the gutter (break between pages where they are bound together) or typically from one page to the facing page of a multi-page publication. Images that appear to continue from one page to the facing page (other than the center spread) are Crossovers. This can also refer to an image that should appear to continue from one side of a sheet to a panel folded such that the image continues on the other side of the same sheet. Picture a three panel piece when the first fold is opened.


Abbreviation for Customer Service Representative.


The process of drying inks or coatings after printing to ensure good adhesion and prevent unintended sticking of sheets (offseting). Inks and coatings need to be fully cured before they achieve their optimum durability.

Customer Service Representative

Employee of a printer, service bureau, separator or other business who coordinates projects and keeps customers informed. Abbreviated CSR.

Cutting Tolerance

The margin of error that a cutting machine for paper is allowed to vary in normal, reasonable production. Standard cutting tolerances are 1/32 inch to 1/8 inch.


Shade of blue; one of four basic ink colors used in 4 color process printing.