Printing Glossary

Offset Printing

Printing technique that transfers ink from an imaged plate to an intermediate rubber blanket and then to paper instead of directly from plate to paper.


Unintended transfer of ink or coating from one page to the opposite page. Offsetting can be the cause of flawed final print.


To print one image over a previously printed image, or have a digital file constructed in such a way that on object does not "knockout" of another. An example of overprint would be, printing type over a screen tint to avoid trapping issues.


Production of greater quantities than ordered. Generally, we printers provide at least 5% overs, but reserve the right to be 10% under the ordered quantity.


One page of a brochure, such as one panel of a rack brochure. One panel is on one side of the paper. A tri-fold brochure has six panels, not three.

Pantone Matching Systems (PMS)

The most popular color matching system used in the printing industry. A true PMS color is defined by a mixture of inks that will provide a specific color. PMS colors are designated by a color code and can be used to produce colors outside the CMYK gamut.

Parallel Fold

Method of folding. Two parallel folds to a sheet will produce 6 panels; this is called a "Double Parallel Fold".