Printing Glossary

Perfect Binding

A bindery method where all pages are trimmed to single sheets, clamped together, and the cover is wrapped around the spine. The pages are attached to the cover using adhesive.


This is created using a die cutting machine or binding machine which stamps a line of small holes for the purpose of tearing off a portion of a printed piece. (Usually straight lines, vertical or horizontal).


Short for picture element, a dot made by a computer, scanner or other digital device, the smallest element possible on a computer screen.

Pixels Per Inch (PPI)

Also referred to as Pixels Dots Per Inch (PDPI), which is a measurement of resolution of an image before being converted to a “halftoned” or screened image for printing. The PPI of the image is determined by the number of discrete dots or pixels of information that fit into one inch. For optimal printing results, your image must be at least 300 DPI/PPI at the final output size. Please do not attempt to change a low resolution image to a higher one by changing the DPI/PPI in your image manipulation software. Doing so will result in a blurred output.

Plate (Plating)

A flat material that carries the image to be printed. This is typically a metal sheet laser inscribed with an image to be reproduced using a printing press.


Piece of paper, metal, plastic or rubber carrying an image to be reproduced using a printing press.