Printing Glossary


A standard paper size of 11" x 17" paper dimensions.

Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF)

A standard graphic image file format often used for storing high resolution images that can easily handle up to 24 bits of photographic image color. Abbreviated "TIF" or "TIFF".

Tic Marks

A thin pair of lines on each corner of each printed image intended be its own page or printed piece once cut. These are intended to show where the final cut(s) will take place. Also called "Crop Marks". For more information on the cutting process, Click Here.

Trim marks

See Crop marks.

Trim Size

The final size after cutting is complete.


To layout words and text for artwork to be printed.


Paper with no treatment or coating on the surface. This refers to both an uncoated blank sheet before printing, and a printed sheet with no sealant applied after printing.


Production of fewer copies than ordered by customer. Most printers reserve the right to be over (by 5%) or under (buy 10%) the ordered quantity.

UV Coating

A protective coating applied to a printed piece, typically for a super glossy finish, which enhances colors and provides limited protection against UV and water damage. UV Coating is applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light, as opposed to Aqueous (AQ); which is cured with heat and evaporation. Gloss UV Coating tends to have a much glossier appearance than AQ Coating.