Printing Glossary

Vector Images

Images made up of solids, lines and curves that can be scaled or edited without affecting image resolution. Another way to put it is vector images are made up mathematical shapes, compared to raster images that are made up individual dots. Vector images tend to be very small in file size compared to raster images.


Process of cleaning the parts of a printing press (rollers, plate, blanket, etc.) so that a different ink can be applied.

Watermark (digital)

A distinctive design created ion paper that is visible when the paper is held up to the light.

Watermark (paper)

A translucent logo or mark incorporated in paper during it’s manufacturing, showing the name of the paper and/or the company logo.

Wire O binding

A method of binding using double loops of wire through a hole.

With the Grain

Folding or feeding paper into the press parallel to the paper’s grain or fiber. This is desirable for folding when possible due to the cleaner folds it produces.


Also known as process yellow; one of the 4 basic ink colors in process color printing; Y in abbreviation CMYK.