Vinyl Banners | 3 Tips For Promoting Your Business On A Budget

The one question that every business owner asks is "how can I generate more business while keeping my costs down?" This article is going to touch on a few effective and efficient ways to help your company’s advertising.


Just like in Jurassic Park, if you don't move the T-Rex can't see you. The same principle is true for your advertising. Movement attracts people’s attention. It’s a great hook to get people to read your marketing message. There are tons of inexpensive ways to incorporate this into your marketing; banners and flags flapping in the wind, flashing LED signs, the crazy dancing air guys, the list goes on and on. In the recipe for advertising success color, graphics, and movement all work well together as long as they complement each other and aren't a distraction.

Throw a Party!

Do something outrageous and fun that compliments your business. Advertising and promotion are about getting people’s attention and driving them to do something. If you make your company a fun place where people want to be you’re going to attract lots of customers. Send out a few postcards and throw a party. Get to know your customers on a human level and they will always remember you.

Give-a-ways and special offers

Consumers today are smart and informed people that do their research and tend to be suspicious of something that’s "free." I personally blame it on late night TV informercials, where you can get a knife that saws through a steel toe boot, and can cut a tomato, but if you act now you'll get another one for free. Those kinds of advertisements make everyone wonder how great this "free" offer is, especially for 3 payments of $19.95. If you want to use a give-a-way as a means of getting people through the door use something that has a high perceived value. For instance, you could have a contest for whatever you want, but the grand prize is a 3 day cruise to Mexico. This is a prize that has the immediate awe factor when in actuality it's going to only set you back about $400, which is less than an iPad.