Advertise Your Grand Opening using Flyers, Postcards And People

The one thing that every business owner wants at a grand opening is a huge crowd. After all of the time and energy that has gone into creating your business you want is a large crowd on opening day. All the planning in the world can't guarantee this, but with a little luck and some savvy marketing you can start things off right. Here are a few ideas to draw a big crowd when you open the doors.


The great thing about flyers is that they are inexpensive to print and you can reach a large number of people without breaking the bank. Before your grand opening print a few hundred flyers and start handing them out. Stuff them into mail boxes, put them on windshields, etc. remember you’re playing a numbers game. The more flyers that you hand out the more people are likely to come. For example if you hand out 1,000 flyers you might get 50 people at your event.

Postcards with Direct Mail

Postcard marketing works much the same as flyers but instead of relying on sheer numbers you can target individuals you want to receive your marketing materials. This is a more expensive option but it's much more targeted.

Crowds attract Crowds

It's human nature that when we see a large group of people we are immediately drawn to it. In order to make your event seem bigger than it actually is invite many friends and family to the party. Most of them will probably volunteer to help out in some way or another, but if they don't their presence could be enough to at least draw the attention of people passing by. If you can create a crowd it will draw a crowd.