Three Questions To Ask Before Buying Banner Ad Space Online

Banner ads are one of the oldest form of online marketing, and are still one of the most popular methods today.  If done correctly banner advertising can drive traffic and boost sales. Before you ever buy any advertising space on a website there are some important questions that you need to ask.

How much traffic does the website get?

This is the single most important question that you should ask when purchasing advertising space, because if the website doesn't have any exposure, then neither will your ad. The website you’re looking to advertise on should be able to answer the most basic questions about their site, like how many unique visitors do you get per month. If they can’t give you the exact numbers, chances are you don't want to be advertising there. Most reputable websites will have a media kit, or something that you can request that contains that kind of information.

What is in your media kit?

A media kit will have a summary of the kinds of people visiting the website, how many people visit monthly, their rates, and other terms and conditions. Be sure to ask in detail about the demographic information for their audience. You need to know this information to see if they are the same audience you’re trying to target. Also don't be afraid to ask the site owner about traffic information. Ask for a copy of their Google Analytics stats. If they refuse take your business elsewhere. If they give it to you make sure that it's data for the last 6 months. What you’re looking for is a steady flow of traffic, and where their traffic is coming from.
A media kit should also have the demographic information of their audience, as well as their total reach. Ideally you would be advertising on a website that reaches a huge number of people that you’re trying to target specifically. Remember your goal is to put your advertisement in front of as many interested people as possible

Is it the right site?

For your ad to be effective you have to remember that it's about quality not quantity. This is why the demographic information is so important. Credible websites that sell banner space know who their audience is, and know what they are looking for. The more targeted the users, the greater the chance for them to turn into your customers.