5 Tips For Business Blogging

A great blog can add value to your business while building customer loyalty and developing relationships with potential clients. However an inconsistent business blog can adversely impact your brand. The helpful tips below will guide you in the right direction to creating a successful blog for your company.

Post consistently

A blog that isn't updated on a consistent basis will actually do more harm than good for your company. Visitors that go to a blog that hasn't been updated in months leave thinking, if this company is neglecting something that they own, why should I expect them to treat me any differently?

Best Practices for online copywriting

There is a monumental difference between readers online and offline. The digital world moves so quickly that the amount of time given to something online, as opposed to an article printed in a newspaper, is far less. Most people online have a tendency to just skim over your copy and are far less likely to read all the way to the end. Keep this in mind when you’re writing for your blog. Everything should be short and sweet with any call to action or important information at the top of the page.

Guest Posts

Contributing to other blogs that are related to your industry is a great way to increase your following. By guest posting on other blogs related to your business you solidify yourself as an expert while connecting with potential partners and clients. Start by talking to editors of industry leading blogs and see if you can work something out. Most bloggers will welcome a guest post because it's mutually beneficial, they get some great content and you reach a entirely new group of users.

Be Social

Blogs are supposed to be a conversation starter. Don't just post it and wait, you have to be active. If people are commenting on the post interact with them and respond to their comments. Use Twitter, Facebook, and any other social platforms to create a buzz and drive traffic to your blog.


For some reason online readers really like lists and they are a great way to get the people’s attention. Lists are easy to write and they put information in a very easy to read format that most people tend to enjoy.