Direct Mail Marketing ideas | Postcards

Before you send out your next mailer there are a few things you need to plan for first. The goal of this article is to give you an idea of what planning needs to be done before your next direct mail campaign is mailed out to increase your response rates.

Set Your Goals

If you don't specify your goals and objectives you can't achieve them? Remember you are the expert because you know more about your business than anyone else. For your campaign to be successful everything has to be structured around your target customer. What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to generate more sales? Get more exposure? Show people what you can do? If you don't know what you’re trying to accomplish then you’re just going to frustrate yourself. The more defined your goals are the higher the probability of your accomplishing them.

Who Is Your Target Customer?

You have to know who you’re marketing to. If you don't know who your customers are or what they want it's not going to matter how many mailers you send out or how much money you spend, you will not get a good response. You know your customers better than anyone. Use that knowledge to tailor your marketing to who the majority of your customers are.

What's the Objective?

What are you trying to achieve with your mailer? Do you have a sale coming up that you’re trying to let people know about? Is it a grand opening and you want as many people as possible to come see your new store? Are you trying to generate sales using a coupon? The objectives are determined by the goals of your campaign. If you’re trying to generate more sales and you send out a coupon make sure the incentive is worth it for your customers to come to your store, and use campaign specific coupon codes so that you can track the effectiveness of your campaign.

What's your Strategy?

To accomplish different goals and objectives you need to have different strategies. If your objective is to inform people about your grand opening it's going to be more effective to send out 5 mailers to 1,000 people than to send out 1 mailer to 5,000 people. For something like an event you want to target the same people multiple times to remind them and get them excited about your event.