3 Tips To Create An Effective Email Campaign

For the majority of small businesses mailers are at the center of their advertising efforts. Smaller local companies simply don't have the budget for large scale advertising campaigns, but this doesn't mean that they can't reach a large number of people. An email list, unlike a newspaper, radio, or banner ad targets specific people instead of throwing out a line and hoping for a bite. Below are a few things to consider when creating an email for your next campaign.

Your Offer

This might be the single most important part of the actual email itself. Your offer is the reason why someone is going to buy or not buy from you. Look at some of the deals that have come through your own email, and I guarantee you will see a handful that you could live without and a few that got your attention. It's a very simple concept, the better the deal, the better the response will be.

Call to action

The call to action is in essence what you want your audience to do. Once you have their attention tell them what to do next. If you’re an online company there should be a buy now button somewhere in the proximity of the actual offer. If you want them to come to your store give them a coupon code and include a map of how to get to the store. And when you’re promoting a big sale give your customers all the information that they need to get to the right place on the right day.


Coupon codes are an easy way to track where your sales came from. If you don't track where your sales are coming from, how are you supposed to know if your campaign was effective? There are lots of different ways to track results. The following is just one to get you started. When sending out a coupon in the mail give your campaign a unique code. As the sales start rolling in keep a record of how many people used that code and then compare it to the total number of people that it was sent to. These numbers will give you a conversion rate and the higher that rate the better.