Three Different Ways to Promote Your Website

To make an impact on the internet you have to create something that is fun, easy to share, and is memorable. Web based promotions are great because they can make an impact on a very large client pool. In the not so distant past only large companies and corporations had the ability to do advertising campaigns on such a large scale. Today the internet has leveled the playing field giving any company the ability to reach such a large amount of people. Below are a few basic techniques to promote your business online.


An overwhelming percentage of people get their information from search engines. "Googling" has entered into our vernacular. For smaller businesses that are just beginning their SEM campaigns start with something like Google Places so you can rank well locally and then begin to expand globally.

Email Marketing

Every business should be building up their in house client list. Collecting your customers’ emails is as important as getting their phone number or home address. By building an in house email list you can keep your customers informed about deals and specials that you’re offering or just stay in touch with them.

Viral Marketing

Create content that people want to share with their friends. This can be a funny video or a cool picture, something fun that people will want to share. Creating something that people can easily share will make your job much easier because then your customers end up doing the leg work for you.