How To Sell Your Boss On Social Media Marketing

With new buzzwords like "tweet" and "blog" becoming common vernacular, there is no disputing that social networking has carved out a niche in our culture, and riding on this wave of popularity are companies looking to connect with their customers online. The benefits of this might be lost on some but by being actively involved online with your customers you can listen to what they are saying about your company.

Social media as a research tool.

By being actively involved in social media you can hear what your customers are really saying about your company. Those implementing social media marketing campaigns can easily monitor what people have to say about their brand, industry, competition, etc.

There are many different services and tools available to monitor what your customers are saying about you. Turn this data into actionable information so that your company can address the concerns of it's customers.

How can Marketing 2.0 achieve your company goals?

I It doesn't matter if your company or client provides a service, specializes in B2B, or are a retailer, social media can benefit them in someway. But for you to convince your superiors that social media marketing can benefit the business you have to be able to show them how it can accomplish your company’s goals. Is your goal to enhance customer service or use it for reputation management. When you know what your company is looking for it will help you get the program off the ground.

Baby Steps

If your boss is apprehensive about social network marketing start him off slow. They might think that launching a social marketing campaign is a huge undertaking that’s going to require a massive time and budgetary commitment. When, in fact, it's easier to start small and build up your campaign. Take the time to research and find out what service is the best match to accomplish what your company has set out to do. It could be something as simple as setting up a Facebook page and starting to engage your customers.

Strategize and stick with it.

Social media is still very foreign to many executives and to make them feel more comfortable sit down and map out what your strategy is going to be. By showing them what your plan is and how you’re going to execute it you'll help put their minds at ease. And once you've decided on a strategy don't deviate from it unless you can't avoid it.

Prepare for Questions

Be prepared. Your colleagues and superiors may be skeptical and and they are going to have questions. Anticipate it and prepare for it. Take the time to research a few case studies to support what you want to do and use them as handouts or examples during your presentation. Below are a few roadblocks that you might hit.

  • Our customers aren't online
    This is becoming a less and less reasonable argument, but some companies might still believe it. The truth is everyone is online and it isn't limited by gender, income, education, location, etc.
  • What if someone writes something bad
    This is the most common fear for most businesses but studies have shown that companies that address a complaint or an issue build trust with their customers more than those who don't. It is better to engage with your customers even if they are upset with something.
  • It requires too much time
    Once you take the time to set up all of your different social media accounts the maintenance is minimal. Either task a single person to do it or have a team of people working on it. To show how much work it really requires create a timeline showing how many posts you’re making per day and how much time it takes for each.

Social network marketing is a new and exciting medium for businesses to achieve their goals. You might experience some resistance but once you show your colleagues the benefits and how effective social marketing can be your company will be at the forefront of this new marketing medium