Types Of Die Cuts | Printing


Single Level Die

  • The die has only one depth, and is straight and level.
  • Typically this type of die is used for borders, lines, and one dimensional images 
  • Creates a very defined edge




Multi-level die cut

  • Also referred to as a dimensional die.
  • Multiple depths are used to give images dimension.
  • Used typically for images that are textured, like leaves or flowers.



Rounded Edge

Rounded Die

  • Instead of creating a hard line, a rounded edge dies have a soft edge effect.
  • Used typically to create round objects that are popping out from the paper.

Beveled Edge

Beveled die cut

  • Beveled edges combine the softness of a round edge, with the definition of a single die cut.
  • This is best used on heavier stocks that will tear easily on impact.



Sculpted Edge

Sculptured Die

  • Custom created die's that have multiple depths.
  • Multiple depths give the image greater detail and dimension
  • These are great for embossing and scorching