What Is Perforation?

Perforation makes tiny cuts into the paper so that sections of it can be torn off or made easier to fold. They are classified according to bursting strength or teeth per inch (TPI). What the perforated piece is being used for will determine what kind of perforation is needed.

Burst and Tear Strength

  • Burst Strength is the amount of pressure that is takes to tear something where it's been perforated.
  • Tear Strength is the amount of resistance required for you to tear something along the perforation. The tear strength of perforation is categorized as light release, medium release, and stiff release.

Teeth Per Inch

The ties run the length of the perforated area and "tie" the sections of the job together on either side of the perforated area. Ties alternate with perforated areas and these cut sections are refereed to as teeth. Perforations contain the same amount of ties as teeth per inch, however the ties and teeth are not the same widths, and the teeth per inch that you choose will determine how easy something is to detach from the rest of the document.