Top Five Prepress Problems

Because everyone makes mistakes and those that don't learn from them are doomed to repeat them are the most common prepress issues that can stop a printing job in its tracks.

1.) Fonts

Different font problems could easily make up their own list, but we had to leave room for the others. They get corrupted, are incomplete, or go missing entirely etc. to ensure that your job maintains the proper spacing and the font looks the same as when you submitted your job you need to embed your fonts. There are so many different fonts out there that the likelihood of your printer having the exact font that you used is slim to none. So unless your client is ok with having all of the text as Helvetica embed your fonts.

2.)Missing Images

Sometimes files go to print and the linked images are nowhere to be found. Whenever you send a job to a printer be sure to include all linked images in a separate file, send the original TIFF or EPS images BEFORE they were added to your design. This will eliminate many headaches for you and the printer’s prepress guy working on your files.

3.)RGB colors

RGB colors will do not print the same way that you see them on a computer screen. The 4 color printing process uses CMYK colors to print everything. Colors that aren't converted from RGB to CMYK may look nothing like what you originally designed. This is one of the most common problems and the easiest to fix. Any design program that you’re using has a CMYK setting, while you’re working change the settings and adjust the colors accordingly.

4.)Scans in the wrong format

JPEG's, GIF's, PICTs, etc. are all great for internet use, but they don't work well for print. The industry standard file format is a PDF file so before you send anything out to be printed convert it to a PDF. Your printer can provide you their desired settings for PDF creation.

5.) Graphics Not linked

Fixing a graphic that isn't linked is frustrating and time consuming. Finding a missing graphic is impossible. If any of your artwork is sent with missing graphics the printing company that you’re working with will send it back to you because they can't process it.